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What do you get when you cross good fun family entertainment with two of the countries most in demand magicians? Well, that’s what Pip & Paul would like to know. If you find out, please let them know using the form below. Oh, and while you’re wondering, why not have a browse and discover more about Pip & Paul – “two magicians on a mission to make you laugh”.

Pip has been a magician since he was little (we know he still is, but please don’t mention it – he’s sensitive). He is a two times nationally award winning entertainer and has performed for many stars of stage and screen!
Paul (the rounder one!) started his journey acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company, went on to become an award-winning theatre director and has even entertained HRH The Queen herself! And now this! Can life get any better?!

Feel free to have a look round their website. Pull up a chair and make yourself at home, there’s plenty to do and see while you’re here. Look, the words under the logo have changed! There you go – something for you to look at already.

Whatever you do, you got to see these guys – AMAZING!” (Paul’s Dad)
Who?” (The late and great Stephen Hawking)
Get out of my garden” (Dame Judy Dench)

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Episode 22 – The One With The Wind!

Time to get an agent! Pip and Paul audition for an agent. Will they get in? Will they mess up? Will Pip remember his lines? Will the magic work? No, seriously, will Pip remember his lines (there's not many for goodness sake!)? Find out here (or the next episode). Our...

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Episode 21 – The one with Season 1 of our TV show!

The TV show is here! Thanks to ExpatLive.tv. We now have a TV show! We filmed ourselves watching Episode 1. As always, we'd love to hear some feedback, let us know what questions you'd like answered. Please leave your comments and questions below we will address them...

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Pip and Paul on Air

11th October 2017, Pip and Paul appeared in BBC Radio Surrey for an interview about their upcoming show. You can listen on the BBC website or watch below.

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